Flashcards Event

Please join us in this great event. We are designing flashcards for the children in the Ambo Lazarist Deaf school.

The children will use the flashcards to sign out what they see on the card. The cards will have words in both English and Oromo (which is the language they speak in the village)
There is a variety to choose from,

animals / foods / drinks – pick your favourite!!

You simply need to download whichever PDF you like, either colour it yourself or with children. There is no limit so please do as many as you can! Please be as creative as you like with your designing but be mindful that the cards are educational tools.

When it is completed scan it back onto the computer and email it to:


(Check your spam for our response!)

or you may also post them it to :

Miriam O’Regan
Horner Automation Group
Unit 1,
Centre Park Road,
T12 H24E

We will be running this initiative from the 13th of September to the 31st of October 2021. Once we have all the cards back, we will laminate them and ship them to Ethiopia.
It will be a fun activity for us in Ireland to design and its both fun and and educational tool for the children in Ethiopia to learn.Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions

Download Flashcard Files

Create your own

Are you the artistic type?

You can use our blank template to design your own flashcard using any of the Oromo words from the cards above or the more advanced word  list below!

Please use our template so all the cards will be uniform in size. Also please ensure to add the English and Oromo words to the card.

Any questions, please contact us!

More words

Family WordsBody WordsEmotions Words
Cousin__Durbii(intala eessumaa yookin adaadaa)Ear__GurraDisappointing__Gaddisiisuu
Husband__AbbaamanaaHand__HarkaPity__Garaa laafuu
Nephew__Durbii(mucaa wasiillaa yookin adaadaa)Heart____OnneeShame___Qaanii
Niece_ Durbii(mucayyoo durba kan obboleessaa yookin kan obboleettii)Intestines___Mar’imaanWorry__Dhiphachuu
Relation__FiraLeg ___Luka
Sister __ObboleettiiLungs___Somba