Ethiopia Deaf Project

A voluntary organisation committed to raising funds for the education of Deaf children at the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School in Ethiopia. We have a special concern for Deaf children living in rural communities who are very marginalised and have no access to school.

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Child Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will support a child to attend the school and benefit from the joy of inclusion and education.

Give a Gift

Give a child the necessary resources to go to school or assist with his/her accommodation needs. (most of the children live in small mud huts with no mattresses and poor quality blankets)

  • School Bag Pack
  • Sleep Tight Pack
  • Events

    Keep up to date with our latest events and fundraisers.

    You can take part by joining in with our:

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Ambo Ramble Cycle
  • Parachute Jump
  • and more.

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    Our next fundraising event:

    Oct 2018

    18 October 2018

    The annual Bishopstown Community School fashion show

    The annual Bishopstown Community School fashion show will take place on Thursday October 18th at 7pm in Bishopstown Community School. Tickets are €8 per person and €20 for a family. Please come along for a fun, enjoyable night 🙂 All are welcome!

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    Mission & Vision

    Our Vision: 

    That Deaf children, in particular those who are living in rural communities in Ethiopia, can access their full right to a quality education (through sign language) and experience the joy of inclusion. 

    Our Mission:

    In partnership with the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School in Ethiopia, the EDP works to support and develop a school that: 

    • Is welcoming and inclusive;
    •  Understands and meets the educational needs of deaf children;
    •  Provides access to learning through Ethiopian Sign Language;
    • Challenges negative social and cultural attitudes that often leave deaf children isolated, stigmatised and lacking access to language, school or services;
    • Supports the on-going development of the school staff; 
    • Engages with the Department of Social Affairs to help promote awareness of deaf peoples’ abilities and needs.