Ethiopia Deaf Project

A voluntary organisation committed to raising funds for the education of Deaf children at the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School in Ethiopia. We have a special concern for Deaf children living in rural communities who are very marginalised and have no access to school.

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Nimona is 8yrs old and he is Deaf. A teacher in his village school told his father ‘your son cannot learn. He is better off staying at home to look after the sheep’. His father knew better and could see that Nimona was as bright as a button and so he left the village and travelled to Ambo Town to enrol his son at the  School for the Deaf and give him the same chance as every other child to learn.. 

The older students at the school love him and and he is so enthusiastic to learn. They want to help him learn to sign the alphabet. 

We are asking you to sponsor one of our older students to help teach Nimona the alphabet! 24 days to Christmas… 24 letters to learn… the gift of a letter each day… why not choose a letter to sponsor. Ps his name (Nimona) means ‘I will Win or I will Overcome’ how appropriate! 

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For €25 pm, YOU could unlock a child like Meserat's future!

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Could you be the 'Stitch in time'?

€5/month provides medical aid

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Give the gift of necessary school or accommodation supplies.

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€10 pm will help support the teachers, the team behind the dream!

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You can help support various community projects with a one-off or monthly payment.

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Your donation will help us reach out to the most isolated deaf children

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision: 

That Deaf children, in particular those who are living in rural communities in Ethiopia, can access their full right to a quality education (through sign language) and experience the joy of inclusion. 

Our Mission:

In partnership with the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School in Ethiopia, the EDP works to support and develop a school that: 

  • Is welcoming and inclusive;
  •  Understands and meets the educational needs of deaf children;
  •  Provides access to learning through Ethiopian Sign Language;
  • Challenges negative social and cultural attitudes that often leave deaf children isolated, stigmatised and lacking access to language, school or services;
  • Supports the on-going development of the school staff; 
  • Engages with the Department of Social Affairs to help promote awareness of deaf peoples’ abilities and needs.