Sponsor a Child

The staff at the ALDS take a very personal interest in each of the children who attend the school. They understand the family and home circumstances of each student. The money donated through the child sponsorship program is used for a number of purposes: 

  • Registration fee.
  • School resources etc. 
  • House rent. (Especially for the children coming from the rural districts)
  • Transport to and from school. (Especially for children who live up to 5km from the school)
  • If a child is sick, we support the family to bring him/her to the Clinic and any pay for any medicine required. (Often families can’t afford to bring their child to the clinic and will opt instead for the services of a traditional healer. This can often prevent the child from getting better sooner and have serious consequences for his/her future health).
  • If a parent is very ill or dies. (If a parent is ill and unable to work, it often means the family will be without any income. Most of the children come from families whose parents are daily labourers or subsistent farmers). 

The fund is managed in such a way as to ensure the education, welfare and care of each child at the school. 

Our aim is to try and ensure that no child is prevented from attending school due to financial difficulties at home.  

Your contribution goes to assisting the child you sponsor to benefit from an education that will transform his or her life. However, through the pooling of the funds, you are also helping to ensure that ‘Every Child’ in at the ALDS benefits from this opportunity. 


Your Sponsorship will provide;

  • An education which will provide a future.
  • It will provide Children with the life skills necessary to ingrate in the wider community.
  • A healthy, safe environment in which they can flourish.
  • You will enable “Their Dreams Take Flight” and “Give their Hands a Voice”

You can choose: Direct Debit: €25 a month or an Annual Subscription of €250

Your sponsorship will support a child to attend the school and benefit from the joy of inclusion and education.


Some of the reason why it is important that the children do not have direct knowledge of their sponsor:

Mr Abiyot, the Principal and Fr. Asfew  the director of the school have asked that we limit the contact between the children and their sponsors. 

This is for a few reasons,  one to protect the children, some sponsors will wish to be more involved than others, this is not fair on the other children.  

We do not want to create an environment of jealousy etc., between the children. 

Secondly, there is the possibility that it would open the sponsors ( like yourself) to getting direct requests from the child, their family or friends.  We do not want this to happen as it can be quiet stressful on the sponsors.

Before this program was set up a few people sent money informally to 1-2 of the children, this caused a lot of hurt in the deaf community and it took Mr Abiyot a lot of time to repair this.

Thirdly, some people are traveling over and others are not in this position, this again could cause a lot of jealousy between the children.

Therefore when we started this program it was agreed that everything go through Mr Abiyot ( who is himself deaf and hugely involved in the deaf association) and Fr. Asfew  both men are 100% respected in the community and will know first- hand the needs of the child and their family.

We hope you understand the importance to keep this agreement.