Sponsorship and Donation Options

If you are a payee worker and you contribute in excess of €21 a month, we can submit a Tax Relief Form which helps make your contribution go a little farther. Revenue will forward us the tax relief on your contribution. Click here for the form.

Student Support Subscription

Your Student Support Subscription goes into a support fund for the students. This is created to ensure:

  • There is no ‘financial’ reason preventing any of the students attending the Deaf school in Ambo. If any of the families experience significant financial hardship the SSP fund is available to assist them through such a crisis, while ensuring their Deaf son or daughter can continue to attend school.
  • The SSS also helps pay the rent on accommodation in the town for some of the students who come from the countryside. Transport to and from the school each day is not an option, so they rent a very basic room in the town.
    Some students live up to 15km away and walking to and from school each day is not an option.
  • The SSS helps pay for their transport to and from school each day.
  • The SSS ensures that each child has a uniform and an adequate supply of school materials to allow them to study well.
  • The SSS also responds to exceptional needs. Recently it was used to assist in the rehabilitation of one of the children who broke his ankle.
    While the fund is aimed at supporting the poorest and most vulnerable children at the school, it is also set up to respond to the needs of each of the students as circumstances dictate.

For more information see here.

Teacher Support Subscription

For Just €2.50 a week you could support a teacher in Ethiopia

Recently the Ethiopian Government implemented a pay increase for teachers which effectively double their salaries from €100 – €200 a month.

This increase is well deserved but unfortunately the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School does not receive any support from the Government to run the school including salaries, so this must be covered by EDP. Therefore, we are looking for your help.

If you could give just €10 a month it would go a long way towards helping us cover a teacher’s salary.

More ways to help

Provide Healthcare for the Children

A donation of €5 every month will help to provide the healthcare needs of the children.

Give a child a place to sleep

A €15 donation every month will enable a child from a rural area to stay with a family near the school. This will ensure they can attend school.

Once off donations and gifts

Any Amount

Choose a one time contribution or a reoccurring amount which suits you. Every contribution helps and makes a difference.

 Give a School Bag Pack

Provide a student with:

  • School bag
  • 6 Copy books
  • Pencil
  • 6 Pens
  • An eraser
  • A parer

Give a Sleep Tight Pack

Provide a child with a mattress and a blanket.