Month: November 2017

Grade 8 Graduation

Celebrating the graduation of our grade 8 students. Our first group to take the government exam.

We celebrated the first group of students to participate in state exams and to graduate from the school. The students are now in Grade 9 at the government school. However, they are struggling to adapt, as they do not have the necessary back up, support and understanding. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer education at these grades, as it would require the building new classrooms, employing new teachers and upgrading our facilities. We have arranged to offer the teachers, staff and students at the government school a course in Deaf Awareness Training and to offer any teachers who might be interested to participate in an Ethiopian Sign Language course. (In May and June we arranged for the teachers at the ALDS to provide tutorials for the students as they prepared for their grade 9 exams).


Margaret Farrell organises a series of ‘Numicon’ workshops for the Teachers and a celebration to mark the graduation of our fir st group of students from the ALDS

Teaching maths to our pre-school children.

Ms Margaret Farrell, a retired teacher for the Deaf from Dublin returned to the to the ALDS to volunteer for a second time. She spent over three weeks at the school teaching in the mornings and In the afternoons, she facilitated a wonderful series of workshops, introducing the teachers in both the Deaf School and the Kindergarten school to the ‘Numicon’ method of teaching maths. A kind benefactor in Ireland had donated a complete set of Numicon aids to the school. We used ‘Lydia’s Space’ for the workshops and it proved to be ideal for allowing the teachers interact and engage with each other She also introduced our older students in Grade 8 to Circular Weaving. Indeed it could be said, that Margaret has now woven herself into the hearts of the students and teachers here at the ALDS.

Numicon workshop for the teachers.