Update Billing info

You are probably here because you need to update your info with us for your donation.

Recently we udated our system to use a service called Donorbox.

Please follow the steps below based on what your latest invoice from us looks like.

Stripe Invoice

  • If you received an email similar to the one above, please visit our donation page and set up a new donation using your new card.
  • This is so you will be set up on our new system and you will be able to sign into Donorbox in the future to update your card details.
  • Please email us at admin@edp-ambo.com and mention your new subscription so we can ensure you are fully set up on the new system.

Donorbox Invoice


If you are still receiving these emails from Stripe after setting up your new donation with us, please email admin@edp-ambo.com and we will stop these emails.

No problem! Please email us at admin@edp-ambo.com and we will help sort everything out.

As we all know credit card safety online is paramount. Therefore we are using certified payment processors (Stripe, Paypal) and the renowned fundraising platform (Donorbox).

We do not store or handle your credit card info ourselves, these aforementioned platforms do all that hard work securely for us. Therefore updating and changing cards takes a couple of steps. Please email us at admin@edp-ambo.com if you need any help.

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