Ireland to Ambo running club challenge

9,579km from Cork to Ambo

How it works

Step 1

The club board commits to the Challenge!

Then the club secretary should email us at:

with the following:

  • Club Name
  • A Club Photo

The challenge should now be advertised to all club members.

Step 2

Individual runners must register using the form below:

Step 3

After submitting a registration form, each runner should donate any amount using the button below.

Step 4

Every time you go for a run during the month of July, email us:

  1. your name
  2. club name 
  3. proof of distance



Step 5

We will compile each runners total distance to their clubs total and the leaderboard below will reflect which club is in the lead!

(Please note the board will be updated once daily.)

Step 6

The club who runs the closest to Ambo Ethiopia during the month of July will be crowned:


Club Leaderboard

★ First Place ★

Club Placeholder

Club A Progress
0km of 9,563km

Club Placeholder

Club B Progress
0km of 9,563km
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